Small Footprint & Great Running Costs Saving

Macchina Laser Taglio Fustelle - Cutlite Penta


1555 W


2100×1500 mm

The ideal solution for the paper industry

The LTF system is the most compact model of the Cutlite Penta production range for diemaking, since it represents the right solution for diemakers and in-house dieshops. The cutting area available are mostly two, 1750x1350mm and 2200x1550mm, two sizes suitable for every kind of folding carton die.

The system motion is given by a movable bridge, on which the laser source is installed, which runs along the X-axis, and a cutting head running along the Y-axis. The LTF system can be equipped with El.En. manufactured radiofrequency sources, with powers ranging from 750W to 850W besides the cutting head of the LTF system, it is possible to install a marking head that allows marking codes and/or logos on the die-board. Thanks to its combination of cutting head and marking head, the LTF system can guarantee short times to carry out finished dieboards.


CP Nozzle

Completely in-house built, our standard cutting head is fully integrated with our digital technology and it’s featured with a unique-in-the-market double collar magnets for a safe and quick break-away system in case of collisions and crashes with any hurdle.

Furthermore the down-holder has a unique design which works in combination with the complex algorithms embedded in our software SMART MANAGER 6 with the automatic board unevenness compensation.

CP Steel Plus

A brand-new CUTLITE PENTA design, based on 30 years experience on metal cutting, CP STEEL PLUS is a revolutionary capacitive head that, in combination with special features integrated with our software SMART MANAGER 6, allow to a quick swapping from plywood to metal and viceversa with no-lens-changeover and no manual changing or adjustment; the whole process is driven in background by software.

This new release also add a unique system of magnetic break-away for plywood cutting, keeping intact the cutting head and the down-holder in case of crashes or collision, a second integrated optical sensor also works in order to avoid collision while cutting metal.

Laser Sources

The RF class resonators produced by our mother company EL.EN count more than 100 installations worldwide due the very reduced footprint of the resonator itself, the unique in the market small and cost effective gas canister and the proven radiofrequency based technology which makes this laser source ideal for a stable and constant diemaking kerf cutting.


Small and compact: Its footprint is slightly larger than its working area

Full of technology: Digital CNC, drivers

All in one: electrical unit, laser source, integrated control panel

Easy and fast installation: in one day the machine is ready to start production

Software: in-house designed and integrated on-board



  • Digital camera system installed on front-end software;
  • Continuous production screening;
  • Easier zero position acquisition.


  • In-house designed software;
  • Software Nesting Module for raw material’s saving and drastic scrap reduction (2 or more files can be merged in 1);
  • User friendly interface.


  • Marking of logos and texts on plywood and paper;
  • Size 500x500mm (largest one in the market);
  • Ease to use in-house built software;
  • Extremely accurate.


  • Solid Copper Pins for a superior lifespan;
  • Stable and not laser reflective.


  • Easy-to-use software front-end;
  • Easy editing of QR codes;
  • Accurate codes engraving;
  • CP SCAN is required.


Simple and intuitive cutting-edge front-end software, designed to guarantee the highest level of versatility and customisation.
Laser cutting has never been so easy.

Smart Manager 6

The exclusively in-house designed control software has been evolving in line with market and customer demands for many years. Smart Manager 6 has been
specifically developed to fully exploit the potential of state-of-the-art cutting systems and ensure that all Cutlite Penta products achieve top performances.

Smart Composer

The new and revolutionary software by Cutlite Penta interfaces directly with the numerical control of the machine and with the front-end smart manager software.


Technical Features

RF 777
RF 888
RF 1222
RF 1555
750 W
850 W
1200 W
1500 W
1700×1300 mm
2100×1500 mm

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